Smart Air Conditioners


Wi-Fi Control

Control your home air conditioner from the plan of your hand, from anywhere in the world! Wi-Fi connectivity offers great flexibility in a range of wall controllers and smart home devices.

Smart Air Conditioner WiFi App

Precise Temperatures

Zoning and remote sensors put you in full control as to what the temperature is in the different areas of your home. Your Smart Air Conditioner adjusts the dampers for precision temperature control.

Smart Air Conditioner Zoning

High Efficiency

Smart Air Conditioners are up to 75% more efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners, reducing running costs and saving money off your energy bill.

ActronAir Que
Make your system smart with WiFi & Sensibo

DIY: WiFi Smart Control for your existing Split System A/C

Make your existing Split System Air Conditoner Smart, with Sensibo

The perfect add on to enable WiFi control of your existing Split System Air Conditioner is here, introducing Sensibo.

Smart Air Conditioners 

For Smart People

With improved usability, reduced running costs and numerous other advantages, it is easy to see why many are turning to Smart Air Conditioners for their Heating & Cooling needs.

Ample Air offers a range of solutions for many makes and models including Rinnai, Daikin, Carrier, Toshiba & ActronAir Advance ducted air conditioning with Tru-Zone Technology. We are also a MyAir (MyPlace by Advantage Air) specialist offering both new installations and retrofits.

New Installations

  • Future proof your investment
  • Reduce running costs
  • Excellent usability and Wi-Fi Control
  • Precision comfort and temperature control
  • Cheaper during new installations
  • Sleek & modern controls

Existing Installations

  • Retrofits available for many brands
  • Improve the efficiency of your existing system
  • Improved usability and Wi-Fi Control
  • Resolve Air Balance issues
  • Upgrade to smart home features including light control
  • Modernise and bring new life to your exiting A/C